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DreamActivate is a Web Design and Development company providing quality IT solutions. We provide services of Designing, Development, Strategic Marketing and Management that will help you gain and retain customers.

Design Services


Website Design

In order to develop websites, we developers will need your website’s layouts especially if you have specifications. But if you don’t have any of it yet, no problem! DreamActivate can help you create one.  We use the latest technologies to create your website’s layout before actually developing your website. We use the ff:

If you already have your website and just need a revamp/redesign, send us a message and we’ll help you!

Graphic Design

We know it is very important for you to create graphic designs to market your business. Especially that social medias are here, it’s a perfect platform for you to advertise your business. Yay! it’s a blessing you found us. We can help you create your idea and turn it into: 

*in PDF or JPG/PNG Format

Development Services

Website Development

DreamActivate provides quality and responsive templates. We take your layouts on PSD/IMAGE format, and convert them to:

We at DreamActivate also offer website development using the most popular front-end frameworks:

If you prefer to have your website created on CMS platforms, no worries! DreamActivate can create great looking websites. We will also help you set up your website on your hosting, and even do basic SEO. Cool isn’t it? At the moment, we are currently cater the ff CMS platform/s:

Can’t provide layouts? No problem! DreamActivate can help you create one. Refer to our Design services and send us a message so we can help you.


Web Application Development

DreamActivate provides web development services using cutting edge technology and tools that, not only result to a responsive web apps, but the one that also perform.

Can’t provide layouts? No problem! DreamActivate can help you create one. Refer to our Design services and send us a message so we can help you.

Strategic Marketing Services

Strategic and Business Marketing

Successful marketing campaigns, that’s what this service is all about. In partnership with Foxy, we will provide the best marketing service with social media on top.

Management Services

Management Engagement

DreamActivate completes the project engagement with management. Using the most advanced tools for easier collaboration, your dream project will be at ease.

What our clients say..

DreamActivate's staff, Jessa, was very professional and effective in interpreting my requirements and producing a great website. I would recommend her and DreamActivate work to anyone.

Rob Byrnes

Managing Director, Pocket Bookkeeping

It was so easy, I contacted them and needed 2 websites, they did everything from start to finish.

Phil Gilbert

Business Owners, PD Networks and TI Networks

It's great to see an idea take shape and develop into something exciting!

Gavin McDougal

Business Owner, Paddy App

DreamActivate Team was able to apply the changes I want and happily do them without any doubts. I'm glad I chose them to redesign my website. Great customer service too. Highly recommended!

Linda Wu

Director, Link Accounting Pty Ltd

Activate your dream ideas, with us.

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