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DreamActivate is known for providing high designs and develop them for others. More than that, we love to develop ideas and become a part of it. We don’t just create your apps and websites, we also develop our own brands for you.

Propstar Coming soon

Property information at your fingertips.

A property directory app transforming the real estate industry in Australia. Specialised advice from licensed real estate agents. Access specialised reports and information right your fingertips. Buy and sell property online.

Jobscor Coming soon

Wikibank Coming soon

Noc 24/7 Coming soon

Ooba Coming soon

An amazing small business MARKETING TOOL.

Our newest addition to the family of DreamActivate’s brands. Oooba, an amazing marketing tool for small-medium businesses.


Tax done in less than 5 minutes.

TaxQ is an australian tax question and answer platform for every business that changes the way in acquiring tax advices. The app saves you time + money and makes consultation lighter and easier.


Greenlight Bookkeeping

Business reports made easy.

Green Light Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping, accounting and taxation online services for your kind of business. Not a traditional accounting firm but believes to deliver the best bookkeeping service with tax returns for less than a year.


Foxy Marketing

Marketing out of the box.

24/7 access to real account managers. Follow-up, engagement and tracking of projects and strategy. Real time delivery of reports, projects and more.



Delivering sales help to your business.

Pollinator is not your ordinary sales team. It aims to deliver sales help to your business and make your sales process easy. The team looks at the way you sell and help you improve your products, process and sales cycle. It simply exist to help you make “more sales”.


Mode Services

Increase your firm's profitability.

Mode Services increases your firm’s profitability through providing premium white-label services. A top-graded white-label bookkeeping and account preparation online provider that let you spend more of your time on the issues that really matters.


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